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How to add threshold to a Chart widget

You can show the threshold line in the chart widget using both the Expressions field and Dashboard Parameter support of the Bold BI application.

  • Expression field: You can use this option to show a static threshold value for all users.
  • Dashboard Parameter: You can use this option to select the dynamic threshold value. You can use this along with the user-based filter to show the threshold value based on the user currently viewing the dashboard.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a Dashboard parameter of Numeric type and it can be either a constant value or data from any table. Refer to these sections:

    • Literal Mode: To create a constant value dashboard parameter.
    • List Data Source Type: To get a Maximum value of the required column using the Custom Query dashboard parameter.

    NOTE: You can change this parameter value while viewing the dashboard.

  2. Create an Expression column using the dashboard parameter along with the Max function.

    Syntax: MAX(Parameter)

    Parameter in Expression

  3. Now, you can configure the chart widget with that created expression column as follows.

    Configure Chart Widget with Expression

  4. You can change the column type of Value as per the requirement from the Chart Type & Axis property of the chart widget but you have to set the threshold value chart type as Line as follows.

    Threshold Chart Type

  5. Also, you need to uncheck the Show Marker property to disable the marker of the line.

    Uncheck Show Marker for Threshold

  6. Now the widget will be rendered as follows.

    Threshold line in Chart