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Embed Settings to generate Embed Secret key and download Embed Configuration file

This section explains on how to enable the embed authentication to generate the secret code and download Embed Configuration file in the Bold BI Cloud.

Get embed secret code

  1. Go to the settings page and click Embed. Enable the Enable embed authentication under that page.

    Enable embed authentication

  2. Click Generate Secret button.

    Generate secret code

  3. On clicking it, the secret code will be generated. Save the secret key safely, as it will not be able to retrieve or restore this generated secret.

    Copy secret code

  4. Once the secret code is generated, it can be reset by clicking the Reset Secret button.

    Reset secret code

Warning : Resetting this code will break the previously working cloud dashboards.

Get Embed Configuration file

  1. Go to the settings page and click Embed. Enable the Enable embed authentication under that page.

  2. Click Download available in Embed Configuration option.

    Embed Config file

  3. Once button is clicked, an Embed Configuration pop-up will be generated, from which you need to select the category and appropriate dashboard name. Then, click Download Json File at the bottom of pop-up.

    EmbedConfig popup

  4. Copy the downloaded embedConfig.json file, which is generated from the embed settings page of Bold BI server, and paste it into the App_Data folder of sample application.

Properties configured in sample

The following properties are used in embedConfig.json file:

ServerUrl Dashboard Server URL (Eg: http://localhost:5000/bi,
SiteIdentifier For Bold BI On-Premise Edition, it should be like site/site1.For Bold BI Cloud, it should be an empty string.
Environment Your Bold BI application environment. (If Cloud, use cloud; if On-Premise, use enterprise)
UserEmail The email of the user. The dashboard will be rendered on behalf of this user.
EmbedSecret You can get your EmbedSecret key from embed tab by enablingEnable embedauthentication in same page
DashboardId Item id of the dashboard to be embedded in your application.
EmbedType BoldBI.EmbedType.Component.
ExpirationTime Token expiration time.

NOTE: These features will be available only in Cloud BI Plan.