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List Box

List Box enables you to filter based on single or multiple items selection in a list. To configure a list box, a minimum requirement of 1 column is needed.

List Box

How to configure the table data to list box?

The following procedure illustrates data configuration of List Box.

Drag and drop List Box control icon from the tool box into design panel. You can find control in tool box by search.

List Box

Click Data Source button in configuration panel.

Data button

Click CREATE NEW button to launch a New Connection from connection type panel.

Data source button

In the connection type panel, click any one (Here Microsoft SQL Connection type is selected for demonstration) of the listed connection type button shown.

Data source list

In the NEW DATA SOURCE configuration panel, fill the connection type and related details. Click Connect button

Connect button

Drag your preferred table or view from the left pane from data design view, click Save button.

Virtual table

Click Properties button in Configuration panel, property pane opens. Now, Switch to ASSIGN DATA tab.

Designer properties

Data tab

The data tab will be opened with available measures and dimensions from the connected data source

Assign data

Drag and drop a column from Measures or Dimensions to Columns section.

Configure Widget

Define the Sort of the dropped column through the Sort option in the Settings drop down menu. For more details refer Sort


You can use the filters by selecting the Filter(s) option. For more details, refer filter.


You can clear the filters by selecting the Show All Records option.

How to format list box?

You can format the List box for better illustration of the view that you require, through the settings available in Properties tab. This pane can be opened from design view through clicking the Settings icon at top right corner of the widget.

General Settings

General Settings


This allows you to set title for this list box widget.

Basic Settings

Basic Settings

Enable Multi-select

This allows you to define single/multiple item selection in List Box.

Single Selection

Single Selection

Multiple Selection

Multiple Selection



Act as Master Widget

This allows you to define this list box widget as a master widget such that its filter action can be made to listen by other widgets in the dashboard.

Ignore Filter Actions

This allows you to define this list box widget to ignore responding to the filter actions applied on other widgets in dashboard.

Container Appearance

Container Appearance

Title Alignment

This allows you to handle the alignment of widget title to either left, center or right.

Title Color

This allows you to apply text color to the widget title.

Show Border

This allows you to toggle the visibility of border surrounding the widget.

Corner Radius

This allows you to apply the specified radius to the widget corners. Value can be between 0 and 10.

Enable Comments

This allows you to enable/disable comment for dashboard widget. For more details refer here