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Tooltip customization in the widgets

Tooltips help the users to know the exact numerical representation of the data records displayed in the widgets. Tooltips are informative and a robust way to let the users to explore the raw data of a period or point when they need them instead of showing all the records at a same time in the visual.

Initially, the widgets show the configured data values and the category of the corresponding data points as the default tooltip information, when you hover the mouse as shown in the following screenshots.

Chart widget: Shows the total sales amount for the sold top 5 categories. Tooltip chart widget

Map widget: Shows the total number of medals won by each country during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Tooltip map widget

You should showcase the additional information in the tooltip without affecting the visualization of the configured widget.

To achieve this, you can configure the additional tooltip fields in the applicable widgets. It will show the additional information along with the default tooltip Information.

The following sections discuss about how to add additional tooltip fields and how to format the data values displayed in the tooltip.

How to configure additional tooltip fields in the widgets

  1. Open the dashboard in the Dashboard Designer.
  2. Select the widget in the design layout in which you want to add additional tooltip fields.
  3. Click the properties icon as shown in the following screenshot. Click properties option
  4. Now, the properties pane opens. Click ASSIGN DATA to open the data pane. Assign data click
  5. Drag the fields to the Tooltip section which you want to show in the widget’s tooltip as additional information. Configure tooltip section
  6. Now, the widget will be rendered and on mouse hover, it will show the additional information as tooltip points for the configured measure. Widget with tooltip


1. Only measure fields are allowed as additional tooltip fields. If the Dimension field is added in the tooltip section, it will only act as a measure field.<br>
2. This section is optional. If no additional fields are required, you need not add any fields in the tooltip section.<br>
3. Tooltip fields do not affect the visualization and the values are displayed in the tooltip points only.<br> 
4. You can add any number of tooltip fields as per requirement.<br>
5. All type of charts, Choropleth Map, Bubble Map, Map, Tree map, and Heat map are supporting the tooltip fields.<br> 
6. Tooltip fields are currently not supported in the KPI Card, Number Card, Radial Gauge, Grid, Pivot Grid, Image, Label, and the filter widgets.  

How to format the tooltip values

You can customize the tooltip field name and the format of the displayed data value.

Rename option

Using the Rename option provided in the settings menu, you can rename the tooltip field name.

To rename the tooltip field, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings menu and select the Rename option as shown in the following screenshot. Field rename option Now, the text will become editable. Column rename option
  2. Enter the text you want, and press Enter to save the changes. Editing field display name

Widget tooltip after modifying the field name Edited view

Changing the aggregation type

You can change the summary type of the measure field from the settings menu and refer to this section to learn more details on aggregation types. Change aggregation type

Measure formatting

The measure value can be formatted by clicking the Format menu option from the settings menu. Measure formatting option

You can refer to this section to learn more details about formatting.

Screenshot of the widget with applied measure formatting

After formatting