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Connecting Bold BI to Google BigQuery data source

Bold BI dashboard designer supports connecting Google BigQuery server using the Live mode.

Choose a Google BigQuery data source

To configure the Google BigQuery data source, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Data Sources button in the configuration panel to add a new data connection.

    Data source icon

  2. Click CREATE NEW to launch a new connection from the connection panel.

  3. Select the Google BigQuery connection in the connection panel.

    Choose data source

NOTE: You can also create a data source from the home page by clicking the Data Sources menu from left menu panel and Create Data Source from the data sources page.

Choose data source server

Authentication with Google BigQuery

Use the following steps to authenticate with Google BigQuery server:

  1. Click the data source, you will be prompted with a login window. Enter the credentials of your Google BigQuery account to authorize.

    Google BigQuery Login

  2. Click Allow in the authorization window to accept the scopes requested by Bold BI dashboards.

    Google BigQuery Login Allow

    NOTE: If the permission is denied, the account will not be accessible from the dashboard.

  3. Set a name to identify the account and click Next.

  4. Now, you have successfully authorized your connection. Click Connect to continue with the data source connection.

    Google BigQuery Connect Account

  5. To connect using the already connected account, refer to Connected Accounts.

NOTE: To connect to another account, click Connect New Account.

Connect to Google BigQuery

Create a Google BigQuery data source

After successful authentication, the NEW DATA SOURCE configuration panel opens. Follow these steps to create the Google BigQuery data source.

  1. Enter name and description (optional) for the data source.

  2. Choose the required projects in Project drop-down box.

  3. The authentication type will be sent to Google BigQuery automatically in the Connected as text box since OAuth is used for authenticating with the Google BigQuery account.

  4. To connect Google Big Query with particular dataset, enter the property currentdataset={datasetname} or specificdataset={datasetname} in the Additional connection parameters text box.

    Google BigQuery Connection

To edit the connection information, use the Edit Connection option.

Preview data

  1. Click Connect to connect the Google BigQuery server with configured details. The available datasets list is shown in a tree view for the selected projects that are retrieved from the Google BigQuery server.

    Treev view

If the dataset name is provided in Additional connection parameters text box, only the specified dataset will be listed.

Tree view specific dataset

  1. In the data design view page, drag, and drop the table.

Query Editor

You can use **Code View** options for passing query to display data.

Code view

  1. Click Save to save the data source with relevant name.

Connected accounts for OAuth data sources

If you have already logged into the account and authenticated with the data source, the account information will be listed here. You can select one of the accounts or connect to a new account by clicking the Connect New Account button.


You can edit, delete, and re-authorize this account from the Connected Accounts page.

Manage Accounts

Google BigQuery is a data warehouse and only supports live connection in Bold BI. You can link your Google BigQuery with Google Analytics by following the official documentation steps about linking Google BigQuery with Google Analytics.

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