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Connecting Bold BI to LiveAgent data source

You can connect to web services of popular site like LiveAgent connection type. To enable this connection, follow the given steps.

Click the Data Source button in the configuration panel to add a new data connection.

Data button

Click CREATE NEW to launch a new connection from the connection type panel.

Data source button

Select Live Agent connection button in the connection type panel.

LiveAgent button

The NEW DATA SOURCE configuration window opens.

LiveAgent panel

Enter an API in the URL text box which must be a valid REST API.

Refer to the LiveAgent API documentation


Choose an appropriate method for the REST API; it can be either GET or POST in the type combo box.

In Max Rows, enter the maximum number of rows to be fetched. This value is used to fetch the data via pagination.

Method Live Agent

Add header information by clicking ADD, if required.

Header LiveAgent

Choose an appropriate Refresh Settings for the REST API; it can be any one of the time intervals shown in the combo box.

Refresh web data connection

Choose an appropriate Data Format for the REST API; it can be either JSON or CSV in the type combo box.

Data web data connection

Choose an appropriate authentication type for the REST API; it can be either Basic HTTP Authentication or None (No Authentication) in the type combo box.

Authentication web data connection

Click the Preview & Connect button in the NEW DATA SOURCEconfiguration panel.

Connection type

Choose Schema(s) window opens. You can select the schema and click Connect.

Schema window

Now, you can get into the data design view window with selected table schema. Drag and drop the table.

Data view

Click Save button to save the data source with valid name.


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