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Install Bold BI when Bold Reports already exists

  1. Please register and download the Bold BI Linux package.

  2. Download the Bold BI Linux package by executing the following command:

    sudo wget {Bold BI Linux package link}
  3. Extract the zip file by executing the following command:

    sudo unzip {Bold BI Linux package zip file}
  4. Change the directory to BoldBIEnterpriseEdition-Linux by executing the following command:

    cd BoldBIEnterpriseEdition-Linux
  5. Deploy Bold BI on your Linux machine by executing the following command:

    sudo bash -i {new} -u {user} -h {host URL} -n {true} 
  • i : Installation type - Specifies it is a new installation.

  • u : Specify the user or group that manages the service used for the Bold Reports application.

  • h : Same Domain or IP address of the machine with http protocol used for Bold Reports application.

  • n : Setting this to “true” will automatically configure Bold BI with the Nginx front-end server.

    Example for new installation:

    sudo bash -i new -u www-data -h -n true

    Note: Use the same host URL that you used to deploy Bold Reports.

  1. After executing the above installation command, give yes and press enter. confirmation

  2. Bold BI is now installed on the same machine as Bold Reports.

  3. Refer to this document to activate the Bold BI license and create a site for the Bold BI application.

    Note: If you encounter any issues during site creation, restart all services using the following command:

    sudo systemctl restart bold-*