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Overview of Embedded BI

Embedded BI is an integration of customized dashboards into your applications. Provided the two ways to embed the dashboards, which are JavaScript-based embedding and iFrame-based embedding. It brings the data visualization more powerful and made it easier to manage. It also allows you to interact with data analysis and more with your insights in your common application. A powerful Bold BI tool to create the dashboards.

In JavaScript based embedding, you can use our Embed BI JavaScript library that enables you to embed your Bold BI dashboards in your applications, which may be ASP.NET MVC application, ASP.NET Core application, and Angular application. Explained these embedding with samples in this section. Learn more about JavaScript-based embedding here.

In iFrame based embedding, you can embed the dashboards in iFrame using the dashboard url. Here, you need to add some amount of code and effort required to embed. Learn more about iFrame-based embedding here.

Refer this page to know how to create a powerful dashboard.

Also, you can embed the dashboard or the dashboard application modules using the REST APIs.