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How to add custom theme into Azure app service deployment location

Follow these steps to add a custom theme in the Azure app service deployment location:

  1. Log in to your Azure portal account and navigate to the created Azure app service resources. For example, we have created an app service named azurearmsite

    Azure App Service Page

  2. Select the required app service from the list of resources. Once the app service page is loaded, search and select the Advanced Tools option and click Go.

    Select Advanced Tools option

  3. From the new page, select the option CMD from the Debug console dropdown.

    Select CMD option

  4. Page like below will be loaded up.

    Debug console page

  5. Go to the dashboard theme location site/wwwroot/bi/dataservice/dashboardthemes

    Dashboard Themes page

  6. Download any default theme files from the above-highlighted path and modify theme property values as per your requirement and Save the modified theme file.

  7. Select and hold the saved custom theme file, drag, & drop it to the dashboardthemes location like below.

    Drag and Drop Saved Theme File

  8. Wait till the file is uploaded to the dashboardthemes folder.

    New Theme File added

  9. Refresh the browser page of the Bold BI site and open the theme drop-down in a banner. Now, you can see that added custom theme file name is listed in it.

    Theme Drop down