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How to apply Row-level Security in Elastic search data source

Bold BI application allows you to apply row-level security using user filters in the Elastic search data source by following these steps.

Row-level security in Elastic search data source

  1. Refer to the Connecting Bold BI to Elastic search data source to successfully connect to it.

  2. Drag and drop the required table in the data design view page in Bold BI as shown in the following image.

    Drag table

  3. Click on the Configure User Filters icon as shown in the following image to filter data based on the users.

    Configure User Filters

  4. Select the column that will be used as the filter. In this case, we will be choosing the COUNTRY column. We can also set a name for the filter for better understanding by the user when multiple filters are created.

    Data column

  5. Once the Data column is selected, the Users or Groups section and the Fields section will be enabled. You can select the field values that will be visible for the selected user as shown in the following image and click Save.

    Select fields

  6. Click Save to save the data source with a relevant name to proceed with designing a dashboard.

    Save option

  7. You can preview the currently created dashboard by clicking the Preview at the right corner in the tools pane.

    Preview dashboard option

  8. You can select the user as shown in the following dashboard image which limits the data based on the selected users for row-level security.

    Dashboard for User 1:

    Preview dashboard for user 1

    Dashboard for User 2:

    Preview dashboard for user 2