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How to configure Current and Last month in the Relative Date Filter

You can configure Current and Last month date filter with the Relative Date option in the Date Picker widget.

Follow these steps to configure the Last Month and Current Month relative date options.

  1. After configuring the date picker widget with the date column, go to the Properties tab and enable the Range property to enable the Relative Date filter option of this widget.

    Enable Range Property

  2. Navigate to Assign Data tab, click on the Setting icon of the dropped column, and click on the Relative Dates filter option.

    Select Relative Date option

  3. In the Pop-up window, select the Last or Current item from the left end drop down and Month(s) from the right-side dropdown and click Add. Finally click Apply to save the changes.

    Add Last and Current Relative Date

    Apply added Relative Date options

  4. In the preview, you can see that the added relative date filter items will be added like in the following screenshot.

    Relative Date Preview