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How to customize side bar menu based on user permission

This page describes how to customize side bar menu in the Bold BI application, based on user permission.

Steps to customize side bar menu option based on user permission

  1. Set the <IsUserBasedMenu> as true in the config file, which is available in the following location.

    • For Windows - C:\BoldServices\app_data\bi\configuration
    • For Linux - /var/www/bold-services/application/app_data/bi/configuration/

    User Based Menu

  2. Restart the Bold BI Application in IIS.

    Restart IIS

  3. If the user does not have any kind of permission in the sense, the dashboards and pinboards options will be displayed.

    No Permission User Login

  4. Hide the Pinboards option by setting the ShowMenu to false for the node Pinboard in the custom_ui.json, which will hide the Pinboard item for all users. Refer to this section for customizing the custom_ui.json file.

    Hide Pinboard

    Hide Pinboard in Bold BI

  5. For example, if the user has any kind of permission in data sources in the sense, it will show data sources option.

    Data source Permission User

Dashboard Dependent Menus:

If the user has permission to Create Dashboard, its dependent menu options Add Dashboard and Publish will be shown. In contrast, if the user has any other dashboard-related permissions (like Read, (Read and Write), and (Read, Write, and Delete)), then both options will not be shown.

Dashboard Dependent Menus