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How to export underlying data of the widget instead of summarized data

When you export the widget data using the Export option, the exported Excel or CSV file will have the summarized data.

Widget Export

You can export the underlying data of the widget to a CSV file or an Excel file using the View Underlying Data option of the Bold BI application.

Follow these steps to export individual rows of widget data:

  1. After configuring the widget, enable theView Underlying Data option from the Container Actions properties section.

    Enable View Underlying Data Option

  2. Select View Underlying Data menu item from the below-highlighted option.

    Select View Underlying Data Menu Item

  3. By default, the pop-up grid will show the columns that are configured to the selected widget. Click the Export icon to export that data as a CSV or an excel file.

    View Underlying Data Pop-up

  4. Also, you can enable Show all columns option to view and export all the columns of that data source, which is configured to the widget.

    Enable Show All Columns