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How to host Bold BI Application as a Sub Application in IIS

Bold BI Application can be hosted as sub application in IIS by following the below steps.

Steps to Create Application Pools for Bold BI as Sub Application inside IIS

Each application in Bold BI will be run on a different application pool. To create an application pool, follow these steps:

  1. Click Application Pools and then right-click to select Add Application Pool.

    Add Application Pool

  2. Name the application pool and click OK.

    Add Application Pool

  3. Right-click the newly created application pool and then select Advanced Settings.

    Application Pool Advanced Settings

  4. Need to change the application pool type as localSystem as shown in the following image.

    Applicaion Pool Local System

You need to repeat the same procedure for creating application pools for the following Bold BI sub-applications:

  • IDP - Web
  • IDP - API
  • BI - Web
  • BI - API
  • BI - DataService
  • BI - Jobs
  • IDP - UMS
  • IDP - Windows Authentication

Steps to Create a Bold BI Sub-Applications in IIS

Follow these steps to create a Bold BI sub-applications:

  1. Right-click the required application hosted in IIS, under which Bold BI will be running as sub-application, and select Add Application as shown in the following image.

    Add new Application

  2. Fill the following details and click Ok as shown in the following image.

    • Alias name - Enter the name that you want to use as an alias for the domain.

    • Application pool - Application Pools are logical groupings of web applications that will execute in a common process.

    • Physical path - In the Physical path box, click Browse to navigate the file system to find the IDP - Web from Bold BI deployed location.

    Saved new Application


  • Alias name should be in lowercase.
  • By default, the Bold BI is deployed in “C:\BoldServices” location for Windows.
  1. Repeat the same procedure for sub application of Bold BI given in below table,
Application Name Under Sub Application Application Pool Physical Path
bold - SubApp-BoldIDWeb {Deployed Location}\idp\web
api bold SubApp-BoldIDApi {Deployed Location}\idp\api
bi bold SubApp-BoldBIWeb {Deployed Location}\bi\web
api bi SubApp-BoldBIApi {Deployed Location}\bi\api
designer bi SubApp-BoldBIDesigner {Deployed Location}\bi\dataservice
jobs bi SubApp-BoldBIJob {Deployed Location}\bi\jobs
ums bold SubApp-BoldUMS {Deployed Location}\idp\ums
windowsauthentication bold SubApp-BoldWinAuth {Deployed Location}\idp\windowsauthentication
  1. Ensure that BI application has sub-applications, as shown in the following image.

    Application Under BI

  2. Finally, sub-application structure is created successfully, as shown in the following image.


Configure Bold BI to run as the sub-application

  1. Need to update the binding values in the following configuration files in deployed location.

  2. Update the Idp, Bi, BiDesigner, and Reports values in the following file location.{Deployed Location}\app_data\configuration\config.xml.

Config File Change

  1. Update the binding values in product.json file in following location. {Deployed Location}\app_data\configuration\product.json.

product File Change

IMPORTANT: Restart your site once all the above steps are completed.