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How to deploy PhantomJS WebKit manually in Bold BI?

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit script able with JavaScript. It is a free software/open source that may contain MIT, BSD, LGPL or GPL, or other similar licenses It contains third-party code. This executable file is necessary to achieve Image and PDF export functionalities in dashboard, widgets and schedules. Without this, the Image and PDF export options in dashboard, widgets and schedules no longer available. It is your decision if you choose to download Phantom JS, but you must accept all of their terms and conditions if you want to use it with Syncfusion’s products.

To download and install the PhantomJS application on your machine, you must accept the terms of the LICENSE and Third-Party documents. Then, you can download PhantomJS for Windows, Linux and Azure App Service.

Once the download is completed, extract the zip file and then copy the PhantomJS application from the following mentioned extracted location.

Operating System Extracted Location
Windows {Extracted Location}\PhantomJS-2.1.1-windows\bin
Linux {Extracted Location}\phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-x86_64\bin
Azure App Service {Extracted Location}\phantomjs-2.0.0-windows\bin

And paste it in the following mentioned deploy location.

Bold BI Version Location
Below 4.1.36 {Deployed Location}\Dashboard Designer
4.1.36 or above {Deployed Location}\app_data\bi\dataservice

NOTE: If you use Bold BI version above 4.2, install chromium package instead of the PhantomJS.