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Multi-Tabbed Dashboards

Multi-tabbed dashboard feature enables the user to render two or more dashboards in the same page.

Manage a Multi-Tabbed dashboards

  • This section explains how to create, edit, render, and delete a multi-tabbed dashboard in the Bold BI.

  • Multi-tabbed dashboards that are accessible by the user depending on the users permission will be displayed in the dashboard listing page.

Manage multi-tab

Create a Multi-Tabbed Dashboard

To create a multi-tabbed dashboard, the user should have dashboards. Admin user can use any dashboards for creating a multi-tab dashboard but other users can use only their own dashboards for creating a multi-tab dashboard.

Steps to create a multi-tabbed dashboard

  • Click the + icon in the left-side of menu area and choose the multi-tabbed dashboard option.

    Multi-tab sidebar option

  • Fill the form with Name of multi-tab dashboard and select the Category from Select Category drop-down.

    Create Category

NOTE: Plus icon near Select Category drop-down only shows, if the user have create permission for category.

  • After filled the form, click the Add Dashboards in the create multi-tabbed dashboard dialog box.

    Create multi-tab

  • Select the category from Select Category drop-down and corresponding dashboards under that selected category will be displayed in the Select Dashboard drop-down.

    Add Dashboards in Category

  • After selecting the dashboards from Select Dashboard drop-down, Add button will enable and Click the Add button.

    Add Button

  • Add a minimum of two or more dashboards for creating the multi-tabbed dashboard. It will display the added dashboards for the multi-tabbed dashboard as follows. Edit the tab name of the multi-tabbed dashboards by clicking the edit icon.

    Display Added Dashboard

  • Edit the tab name and click the tick icon to apply the edited tab name. Use the cancel icon to reset the tab name.

    Edit Tab Name

  • After adding dashboards for the multi-tabbed dashboard, click Create.

    Create Button

Open a Multi-Tabbed Dashboard

User can identify the created multi-tabbed dashboard with multi-tab batch icon in dashboard listing page.
Multi-tab Identifier

  1. Click the respective multi-tabbed dashboard in the list to open it.

    Multi-tab Rendering

  2. User can switch the tabs to view the other dashboards.

    Multi-tab Switch

Edit a Multi-Tabbed Dashboard

  1. User can edit the created multi-tabbed dashboards details by clicking the Edit option in context menu of the respective multi-tabbed dashboard.

    Multi-tab Edit

  2. Edit any of the listed items.

    • Name
    • Category
    • Tab name
    • Order of tab
    • Add or Remove dashboards

    Once edited, click Save.

    Multi-tab Update

Share a Multi-tabbed Dashboard

  • Multi-tabbed dashboard must be shared for the users or groups so that it can be accessed by them.

  • Click the share icon for sharing the particular multi-tabbed dashboard.

    Share multi-tab

  • If the multi-tabbed dashboard is public, it can be accessed anonymously.

Delete a Multi-Tabbed Dashboard

  • Multi-tabbed dashboard can also be deleted from the Bold BI when they are no longer required.

  • Click the Actions button in the multi-tabbed dashboard grid context menu and select Delete option to delete the multi-tabbed dashboard.

    Delete multi-tab

NOTE: Limitations of Multi-Tabbed Dashboard

  • Edit, Share, Favorite and Get Link options in the viewer are hidden.
  • User can’t share the dashboard views to others.