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Import Group for OpenID Connect

This section explains how to import single group or bulk groups from OpenID provider and update the authentication settings of OpenID connect in Bold BI.

Select the Import from OpenID option from New Group drop-down list on Groups homepage.

Import OpenId groups

NOTE: Before you import an OpenID group, first you need to configure the Group Import settings in authentication settings page. Refer this link how to configure OpenID Authorization Settings.

Import groups

To import the OpenID connect groups, you can use the both Dashboard Server and User Management Servers authentication provider. Choose the provider from the drop-down list at the top left corner.

Select Provider

Choose the groups from the list and click the Import groups at the top right corner.

Import OpenId groups

Bold BI will import the chosen groups and a confirmation message will be displayed as shown in the following figure.

Success message after imported the OpenId groups

The success message box explains the groups status, which were imported into the Bold BI. Once you click OK or Close Icon, list will be reloaded and imported groups will disappear.

To update authentication settings

If you want to update the OpenID settings, select the Provider from drop-down list and click the Modify. It will redirect to respective authentication settings page.

OpenId Authenticate setting page