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You can switch the application’s theme from light to dark mode and vice versa using this option. Additionally, you can customize the text color, active state, and hover state background color, and you can also customize components like switches, radio buttons, check boxes, and numeric text boxes by using branding color. In this theme option, the dashboard theme can also be customized.

Switch Application Theme Mode

Application theme mode can be switched either to light or dark mode. By default, light mode is applied.

In light default mode, the application will be in light appearance with blue variant as branding color as shown in image below.

Light mode

In dark default mode, the application will be in dark appearance with blue variant as branding color as shown in image below.

Dark mode

Custom Theme

You can upload the customized theme file using the Manage option in theme section. Using this, you can change the branding color, text color, active state and hover state background colors in addition to the light or dark mode. The background and surface areas are not customized, and it will always follow the selected mode.

Please follow the below steps to create and apply a custom theme for the application.

  1. Click on the Manage option to open a dialog to upload your custom theme.

Manage theme option

  1. Please download the theme template files from the link that is highlighted in the below image.

Download theme template

  1. Extract the downloaded zip folder. The extracted folder contains the CSS3 variable with a color code value for each component, as shown in the following image.

Download theme template files

  1. Please update the color code values per your preference and upload the updated custom theme file into the application. Please refer to the Create application custom theme section to learn more about how to customize color codes to create your preferred custom theme.

Manage app theme

  1. The uploaded theme will be listed in the Custom Theme drop-down. Select the uploaded theme in the custom theme drop-down and save the settings.

Select app theme

Here is a sample image after applying the custom theme.

Dark custom image

Dashboard Theme

You can customize the dashboard theme which will be applied to dashboards in dashboard view mode. By default, the Default option will be selected.

Follow the steps to upload generated custom theme file.

  1. Click the Manage option next to Dashboard Theme under the Theme section.


  1. A dialog will appear below. Choose the created custom theme file by clicking three dots and then click Upload. Please refer to the Create dashboard custom theme section to learn about how to create your preferred custom theme file for dashboards.

Upload dashboard theme

  1. The uploaded custom theme file will appear in the Dashboard Theme drop-down, as listed below. In the Dashboard Theme drop-down menu, choose the uploaded theme, then save the settings.

Select dashboard theme

  1. According to your customized theme file, the dashboard will be rendered. For example, the darkviolet theme is rendered as shown below.

Dashboard custom image

How to create custom application theme

How to create custom dashboard theme