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Manage Localization

This section explains how to add, apply, and remove the localization files for the Bold BI application.

Localization is adapting a website into different linguistic and cultural contexts - involving much more than simple text translation.

Add language

Please follow the steps below to add a language file to the application.

  1. Go to the Site settings page, and Click the Manage option.


  2. In the manage language dialog box, click the Add Language button to upload language.


  3. Choose the language from the dropdown and Select the file to upload. Here the zip file should have the allowed structure. Please refer to this link to get the valid file structure.


  4. After uploading the file, Click Upload, and the language will be added to the application.


Note: The file should have all the bold bi service folder and message.po for all services.

Localization file structure

  1. Create application folders with the following names for each service:

    • bi
    • bi-dataservice
    • ums


  2. To create locale file messages.po from messages.pot either using a manual edit option or an online tool for the BI and UMS services, refer to this.

  3. To create locale file messages.po from default.po either using a manual edit option or an online tool for the Designer service, refer to this.

  4. After completing the above steps, please convert the service folders into zip and upload them into an application.


Delete language

To remove a language, Select the language and Click the Remove option. It has the option to remove single and multiple languages.


NOTE: You can not delete the current application language. If you want to remove the language, change the application language to English and delete it.

Set localization in application

By default, the application will be in the English language. You can change the language at the global level or site level or user level.

Please refer to this to set the localization.

Possible errors cases and their solution:

Cases Solution
Invalid File Type Please ensure to upload the valid zip file (zip).
Invalid File Error Please refer here to form the localization file structure.