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User Profile

This section will explain how to edit profile information, upload profile pictures, change passwords, enable 2FA, and update user preferences in your user profile.

My profile

In this section, you can view the profile information.

Edit Profile

To edit your profile, click Edit Profile, give your details, and save. My Profile tab

Upload Profile Picture

To update your profile picture, click the pencil icon on your profile, upload the image, and click save. My Profile tab

To delete your profile picture, click the delete icon on your profile and proceed with yes. My Profile tab

Account Preference

In account preference, set the language preference for your profile. My Profile tab


In the Security section, update your password and enable 2FA for your account.

Change Password

Go to the Change Password tab under the Security section and update the password. Change Password

Two Factor Authentication

Please refer to this link to learn about the 2FA implementation in Bold BI.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

  1. Go to the Two-Factor Authentication tab under the security section.

  2. Click on Enable Two-Factor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication tab

  3. After that, using the authenticator application, scan the QR code or enter the key shown under the QR code, and the user account will be added to the authenticator application. Two Factor Authentication enable

  4. Enter the verification code shown in the authenticator application and click Activate. Two Factor Authentication configuration code

  5. After enabling, the 10 recovery codes are generated. Copy the recovery codes and store them in a safe place. Two Factor Authentication Recovery code

NOTE: Each recovery code can be used at one time. Regenerate recovery codes using the Regenerate Recovery Code option from your profile.

Disable Two Factor Authentication

  1. To disable 2FA, click on Remove Two-Factor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication remove

  2. Enter the verification code shown in the authenticator application for the account and click yes. Two Factor Authentication remove dialog