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Upgrade to latest version

Follow these below steps to upgrade the Bold BI Azure App service to the latest version.

  1. Login to Azure Portal and select the Bold BI Azure App Service in Microsoft Azure Services.

  2. In the Overview section, click Stop.

    Stop Bold BI Azure App Service

  3. Choose Deployment Center in the left panel of the Bold BI Azure App service.

    Deployment options

  4. Once the deployment center is selected, click Disconnect. Now the deployment panel will open.

    Choose Source

  5. Select the External in the source control tab and click Continue.

    External Repository

  6. Then, select the App Service Kudu build server and click Continue.

    Build provider

  7. Now, fill the following details in the Configure tab and click Continue.

    Repository - URL

    Branch - v3.3.88

    Repository Type - Git

    Deployment option for External repository

  8. Next click Finish option. The Successfully set up deployment notification will be shown in the notification blade.

    Finish Deployment

    Success notification of Deployment option

  9. Once the set up deployment and the status has changed to Success as shown in the following image, select the Sync button in the deployment center blade.

    Sync Repository

  10. Synchronization request submitted notification is shown in the notification blade and synchronization progress is shown in the deployment options blade.

    Synchronization Status

  11. Please wait until synchronization is completed.

  12. Once the synchronization is completed, click Start option in the Overview section to start the Bold BI Azure App service.

    Start Bold BI Azure App Service