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Editing the existing custom widget

To edit/modify the existing custom widget follow the steps below:

Unpack the custom widget

To modify or to reconfigure the custom widget, you should unpack the custom widget which is in the *.bicw format.

Steps to unpack the custom widget

Rename the extension of the provided ‘.bicw’ into ‘.zip’ extension as shown in the image below:

Zipped Custom Widget

Now right click on the renamed widget as in the image. Click ‘Extract All’ to view the source file.

Extract Custom Widget

You can find the unpacked Sunburst chart custom widget and it’s source file as in the image below:

Unpacked Custom Widget

Modify the custom widget and convert it to *.bicw file

In the unpacked custom widget make necessary changes and convert the custom widget to *.bicw file by the following the steps mentioned in the link here.

Upload the edited widget in the widget settings

You can click on the edit icon as shown in the image below to add the updated custom widget.

Edit Icon

NOTE: The edited custom widget guid ID and the updated custom widget guid ID should be the same. Same guid ID for edited Custom Widget