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Trendline helps to know the general pattern or overall direction of the data in the chart widget. You can add more than one trendline to Cartesian charts except bar type series (Line, Column, Area, Spline) and stacked type of charts. You can add, edit, and delete trendlines.

Add and edit trendline

  1. You can see the trendlines option under the properties tab of the applicable chart widgets.

Trendline properties

  1. To add trendline, click the highlighted button.

Add button click

  1. Now, the dialog will open as follows.

Trendline dialog

  1. Click the OK button to add trendline in combination chart.

ok click

  1. Now, chart renders as follows.

Chart with trendline

  1. To edit trendline, select the one to be edited and click the highlighted button.

Edit trendline

  1. Again, trendline dialog window opens now.

Trendline dialog

Legend text

You can edit Trendline legend by Legend Text text box. By default, Legend Text renders based on Line type and Series name.


You can change the series that shows the trendline by Series drop-down option.

Line type

You can select line type by Line Type drop-down option (Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, Power, and Polynomial).

Line Width

You can set the width of the trendline.

Line color

You can change color of trendline by Line Color color picker.

Line style

You can change the style of trendline by Line Style drop-down option (Solid, Dot, Dash, DotDash, LongDash, and LongDashDotDot).

Delete trendline

To delete trendline, select the one to be deleted and click the highlighted button.

Delete trendline