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Bold BI widgets import feature

Widgets import feature allows you to import the configured widgets from existing dashboards in a new dashboard. While drilling into those dashboards that you have read-write permission, you will get all the widgets of the dashboard, and you can drag that widgets to the current dashboard.

Follow the below steps to reuse the widgets.

  1. Click the Existing tab in the widgets toolbox panel to view all dashboards that you have read-write permission.

    Existing tab

    Now, the existing panel with dashboards will be displayed.

    Existing dashboard list

  2. Click the dashboard, all the widgets of the dashboard will be displayed.

    Widgets list

  3. You can drag the widgets from different dashboards to the current dashboard.

    Imported widgets

    NOTE: The imported widgets are then independent and will not be affected when the original widgets are changed but it only shares the same data source.