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Bold BI Intermediate Database

Bold BI Intermediate database is a data store to import data from the Web API data sources, extract mode connection data sources like SQL, and statistic files and connect with dashboards quickly.

The Bold BI Data Engine is where you can perform simple transformations to your data and format them for use in visualizations. The following transformations are supported:

  • Join tables
  • Create calculated fields
  • Format
  • Filter

You can use the scheduled refresh option to update data. Refresh settings will be configured by users for periodic updates. Based on the Refresh Settings, data will be imported into the intermediate database and in this case, the dashboard is rendered with the newly imported data.

The intermediate database is configured when the on-premise version is installed. Please refer to the following sections for Database configuration:

Bold BI Intermediate Database Structure

In the Bold BI Enterprise platform, the following intermediate databases are supported.

  • Microsoft SQL Server/ Azure SQL
  • PostgreSQL/ Azure PostgreSQL
  • MySQL/ Azure MySQL

NOTE: For MySQL/ Azure MySQL, whenever an extract data source is created, a new database will be created in the configured MySQL data base as schema and database is same in MySQL.

Refer to this section to know the details of Software Requirements.