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How to create combine data source

Combine data source feature allows you to create a new data source from the existing extracted mode data sources by appending all rows with column mapping.

To create combine data source, click Combine Data Source from the data source listing page.

Combine data source icon

Combine data source page will open as follows.

Combine data source page

Here, extract mode data sources will be listed out. You can select more than one data sources to create combine data source.

Create Combine data source

If you want to map the data source columns, use the Column Mapping option.

Combine data source mapping window

The default column mapping based on the source table columns is shown as follows. If the target table column does not match with the source table column, NULL value is selected by default. You can select the desired mapping column using this window.

Combine data source mapping

Then, click Append to create a new data source. It navigates to the data source editing page and appended data is shown in the preview grid as follows.

Combine data source in query designer

You can change the column mapping using the settings icon near the table name.

Combine data source query designer mapping

You can see the combined tables list by expanding the arrow icon near the table name.

Combine table list

You can combine new tables from shared tables option as follows.

Combine add shared tables

Using the delete icon, you can remove the table from the combined table list.

Combine remove table

To save the data source, click Save and Exit as follows.

Combine data source save

Now, combined data source created successfully. In server page, Data Refresh Status will be shown as follows.

Combine data source refresh