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Working with Data Source

This section will explains on how to create a new data source and fetch the data from it.

Creating a New Data Source

To bind data to a widget, minimum of one data source is required. Follow these steps to create a data source,

  1. Click Data Source button in the configuration panel. The data panel opens.

    Data button

  2. Click CREATE NEW to launch a new connection from the connection type panel.

    Data source button

  3. In the connection type panel, click any one (here clicked Microsoft SQL connection type for demonstration) of the listed connection types shown in the following image.

    Data source list

  4. In the NEW DATA SOURCE configuration panel, fill the connection type and related details.

    SQL database

  5. Click Connect in the NEW DATA SOURCEconfiguration panel.

    Connect button

    Now, the following view will be displayed.

    Add data source

  6. You can drag and drop the tables or views in the data design view by expanding the tree view.

    Tree view expand

  7. In data design view, we have SEARCH option. You can choose the desired tables/views/stored procedure using the SEARCH option as follows.

    Tree view expand

  8. Click Update or enable Data Preview toggle Option to show the preview data. When toggle button is Disabled, click Update icon every time to preview data for each and every action.

    Tree view expand

  9. Click Save data source with valid name.


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