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Connecting Bold BI to Gmail data source

What is Gmail Gmail offers free cloud storage for storing emails in the web. Gmail makes emailing, chatting, drafting and archiving your mails and conversations easy and convenient. It’s necessary to create a Gmail account.

Connecting to a Gmail

You can connect to web services of popular site like Gmail connection type. To enable this connection, follow the given steps.

Click the Data Source button in the configuration panel to add a new data connection.

Data source panel

Click CREATE NEW to launch a new connection from the connection type panel.

Add data source

Click Gmail connection button in the connection panel.

Gmail icon

Click Connect an Account in the window opens.

Create account

The login window opens to authorize the user.

Enter an appropriate username and password. The authorization window opens.

Sign in

Click Allow in the authorization window. The datasource window opens.

Allow access

To get data through datasource window, follow the given steps:

  • Enter an API in URL text box which must be the valid REST API.

IMPORTANT: Refer to the Gmail API Documentation to build a query for discovering more data requests. Test the query before entering it in the URL text box. Use Google APIs Explorer, to build the query.

  • Choose appropriate method for the API. Refer API documentation link given below URL text box to get appropriate API.

  • Add Header information, if necessary.

  • Choose appropriate refresh settings for API.

  • Choose appropriate data format.

  • Authentication type will be set as Gmail automatically, if the login gets success.

Click connect to get data.


The choose schema(s) window opens as follows. You can select the schema and click Connect.

Choose Schema

Now, you can get into the data design view window with selected table schema.


Drag and drop the table and click Save button to save the data source with valid name.

Save button

Gmail reference

API documentation

Gmail API documentation

API explorer

Google APIs explorer

Sample query{DEFAULT}

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