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Connecting Bold BI to SparkSQL data source

The Bold BI Dashboard designer connects the SparkSQL database using the SQL Live Query.

Choose the SparkSQL data source

To configure the SparkSQL data source, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Data Sources in the configuration panel to add a new data connection.

    Data source icon

  2. Click CREATE NEW to launch a new connection from the connection panel.

    Data source Button

  3. Select the SparkSQL connection in the connection panel.

    Choose data source

NOTE: You can also create a data source from the home page by clicking the Data Sources menu from the left menu panel and Create Data Source from the data sources page.

Choose data source from homepage

Connect to SparkSQL

Create SparkSQL data source

After clicking the data source, the NEW DATA SOURCE configuration panel opens. Follow the given steps to create a SparkSQL data source:

  1. Enter a name and description(optional) for the data source.

  2. Enter a valid SparkSQL server or hostname in the ServerName text box.

  3. Enter its corresponding port in the Port text box.

  4. Choose None or BASIC authentication in the Authentication Mechanism combo box.

  5. Enter a valid SparkSQL username and password if you choose the Basic Authentication Mechanism.

  6. Select a database you want to query in the listed database associated with the given SparkSQL server in the database combo box.

    Sparksql Connection

NOTE: To connect data source with SSH, enable the SSH check box in the NEW DATA SOURCE configuration panel and enter the required credentials. Enable SSH

Data Preview

  1. Click Connect to connect the SparkSQL server with configured details. The schema represents the collection list that is retrieved from the SparkSQL server. This dialog displays a list of schemas in the treeview and their corresponding values.

    Treeview schema

  2. Now, the data design view page with the selected table schema opens. Drag and drop the table.

    Query designer

    You can either use the Code View options to pass the query to display data.

    Codeview mode

  3. Click Save to save the data source with a relevant name.

NOTE: In future, you can edit the connection information using the Edit Connection option.

Data Transformation

Editing a Data Connection

Dashboard Designer Walkthrough