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Data Sampling feature in Bold BI

Data sampling will provide a better designing experience by limiting the number of records while creating dashboards with millions of data, However, the limitation will not be applied while previewing or publishing dashboards.

Enabling Data sampling in Bold BI:

Please follow these steps to enable the data sampling feature in Bold BI.

  1. Connect to a data source by providing valid credentials.

  2. Drag and drop the table inside the query designer page.

  3. Click on the Data sampling button as shown in the following image.

Data sampling icon

  1. The Data sampling dialog will be disabled by default.

Data sampling enable

  1. Click on the Check box to enable and enter the number of records needed while creating a dashboard.

Data sampling enable

NOTE: The data sampling button will be disabled while switching to the code view mode in Bold BI.

  1. Select OK and click on the preview to ensure whether Data sampling has been applied to the data source as shown in the following image.

Data sampling table preview

  1. The data sources enabled with Data sampling can be identified by using the icon as shown in the following image.

Data sampling enabled

  1. While designing dashboards in Bold BI, the Data sampling limit will be applied to all the widgets.
    Whereas, while previewing or publishing the dashboard, the data sampling will be disabled automatically to ensure data integrity.

Data sample dashboard

NOTE: The data sampling is not supported for the following data source’s SSAS, Presto, Influx DB and ODBC.