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Embed your Dashboard with advanced security

  1. Specify the domain you want to embed the dashboard and select When the dashboard is embedded option in Apply these settings.

    Update Embed settings

    Make sure that you use a valid HTTPS URL. The following list shows examples of URLs that are valid for embedded dashboards:

  2. Get embed code for the dashboard, which you want to embed in your website. Check here on how to get the dashboard embed code.

  3. The dashboards can be embedded only in the domains specified in the Accept embedding requests from these websites

  4. If you embed the dashboards other than the specified domains, it will show the blocked message.

    The blocked message will differ based on the browsers.

    • Google Chrome

      Chrome does not show any error message for blocked content of embed dashboards and it simply shows a blank page.

    • Firefox

      firefox error page

    • Microsoft Edge

      Edge error page