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How to Change the user after installing Bold Bi On Linux?

  1. To edit the service of Bold BI apps, use the following command:

    systemctl edit --full <boldbi-service-name>

     systemctl edit --full bold-id-web 
     systemctl edit --full bold-id-api 
     systemctl edit --full bold-ums-web 
     systemctl edit --full bold-bi-web 
     systemctl edit --full bold-bi-api 
     systemctl edit --full bold-bi-jobs 
     systemctl edit --full bold-bi-designer 
  2. Change the username, you want to run your application in the user value and save the service file.

    Change User After Installation

  3. You can also change the user in the service files by running the following command.

    find "/etc/systemd/system/" -type f -name "*.service" -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i"s|$existing_user|$user_to_replace|g"

  4. Check and provide read, write, or owner permissions for the Bold BI installed directory (/var/www/boldbi-embedded) to the newly updated user.

  5. Run the following command.

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload

  6. Restart the services by using the following command.

    systemctl restart bold-*

  7. Now, the Bold BI application will run using the changed user.