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Comparison between JavaScript Embedding vs iFrame Embedding

JavaScript Embedding iFrame Embedding
Security Allow embedding application to add more security control by implementing your own authorization server.

Uses the Bold BI login by default. Hence have to create user accounts in Bold BI too.
SSO Embedding Yes Yes. Also, supports anonymous embedding for public dashboards which is not the preferable case every time.

Performance Renders faster as it is embedded as part of the application using JavaScript. Will be slower when compared to JavaScript embedding.
Implementation Requires coding knowledge. Anonymous embedding doesn't require the coding knowledge whereas SSO embedding requires coding knowledge.
Customization It offers customizations like
  • Style
  • Appearance
  • Event handling
  • Filters


Not supported.
User interaction Allows user interaction with the help of events and filters. Not supported.
Supported embedding module We can embed below modules seamlessly,
  1. Dashboard
  2. Widgets
  3. Designer
We can embed below modules but user need to login each time due to cross site cookie blocked in most of the browsers.
  1. Dashboard
  2. Widgets
  3. Designer
Bold BI Pricing Embedding works on all plans - Check the pricing plans
Embedding sample Component based sample here iFrame based sample here