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How to apply the filter in the grid widget based on the string presented in the string column

Show the filtered string values in the Gid widget using the Expression column.

Follow these steps to achieve this requirement:

  1. Create an expression column with CONTAINS () string function and add the required word in the Substring_expression element. Add more than one word using the OR condition.

    Example: IF(CONTAINS([Comment],’good’)=‘true’,‘true’,‘false’)

    Contains Function Expression

  2. Configure the Grid widget with the required fields and bind the created expression in the Filters section.

    Drop String Expression in Filter Section

  3. Open the Filters pop-up and then choose the true value to view the filtered data in the Grid widget

    Open Filters Pop-UP

    Select True Value to Fitler the Data

  4. Now, view that the grid is showing the filtered data.

    Grid with Filtered Data