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How to connect a live file(CSV/JSON/XML/Excel) in Bold BI Dashboard?

Bold BI dashboard designer supports to connect live file(CSV/JSON/XML/Excel) using either web services like Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint or using REST API

Steps to connect a live file(CSV/JSON/XML/Excel) using Web Services

  1. Connect your Google Drive or Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint account in which you are having your live file(CSV/JSON/XML/Excel).

  2. Once connected the account, select the account name and click Connect button.


  3. In the Data source text box, enter the name for data source and select a live file(CSV/JSON/XML/Excel) to connect.


  4. Click Refresh Settings button to update your data periodically. This will automatically trigger a call for the API configured in the data source to keep the data up to date.


  5. Choose the schema from the tree view to design your dashboard and click Connect button.


  6. Now the design canvas is open with select table schema. Drag and drop the table in design canvas and save your data source. design-canvas

Steps to connect live file(CSV/JSON/XML) through Restful Web services

  1. If the live data is in CSV/JSON/XML format in your REST API, then connect the API in designer using Web API connection type.

  2. In the Data Format combo box select the format (CSV, JSON, XML) based on the response of your provided API.


  3. To update your data automatically, click Refresh Settings button.


  4. Now you can connect that data source to design the dashboard.