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How to Create a Custom Google App and generate a Client ID and Secret.

Steps to Create a Custom Google App and generate a Client ID and Secret.

  1. Go to the Google Developer Console.
  2. On the OAuth consent screen page, enter the required information, including the Application name and Type, Description, Support email, Application Homepage link, Application Privacy Policy link, Application Terms of Service link(Optional), Authorized domains and Upload Application logo.

App Info Page 3. Click Save And Continue. 4. Scopes for the Google APIs: Scopes allow your application to access your user’s private Google data. Scope Page

  • For authentication, the default scope (email, profile, OpenID) is sufficient. You don’t need to add any sensitive scopes. It is generally best practice to request scopes incrementally when access is required, rather than upfront. Learn more.
  • For the Google Analytics 4 required scopes are email, profile, and AdSense.
  • Click Add Or Remove Scope.
  • Non-sensitive Scope: Scopes define the permissions you are requesting users to authorize for your app and enable your project to access specific private user data from their Google Account.
  1. On the Optional Info Tab (optional), click Save And Continue.

  2. On the Final Review tab, check the Verification Status. If your application needs verification, click Submit for Verification to submit your application for verification.

    Note: If the verification status fails, an alert message will be thrown stating that the application is unauthorized.

  3. On the Credential page, click Create Credentials and choose Oauth Client ID.

Oauth page 8. On the Create OAuth Client ID page, click Create. * Application type: Choose Web Application. * Application Name: The name of the application you want to register with google. * App Redirect URL: Enter a valid redirect URL for your application in the App Redirect URL field. The Bold BI redirect URL should be added in the proper format required.

Note: Please refer to this URL structure, https://<yourdomain>/bi/designer/v1.0/oauth/agent.

Create Menu 9. The Client ID and Client Secret will be shown once the app is created. Credentials 10. The app creation was successful, and the client details are listed as follows. List of App 11. Then, save this Client ID and Client Secret in Bold BI by referring to this link.