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How to do Bold BI offline deployment in Docker?

Bold BI deployment in docker can also be done offline by manually importing the Bold BI image into the local docker and deploying it into the local docker. Follow the steps given in this topic to know how to deploy Bold BI offline in docker.

Steps to deploy offline Bold BI in docker

  1. First, you need to save the container image to a file, so you can copy it to the offline server.

  2. Let us pull the image to your online machine first by running this command in your command line interface:

     docker pull syncfusion/boldbi
  3. When the download is complete, you can run this command to verify and find the container image name.

    docker images
  4. Now, you need to save the download image into a file using the docker save command:

    docker save -o <output path and filename> <docker image name:tag>

    Example: docker save -o C:\User\Boldbi.tar syncfusion/boldbi:latest

    When the command is done, you should see a container file created at the path you specified.

  5. Now, you need to load the file using docker load command.

    docker load -i <path and filename>

    Example: docker load -i C:\User\Boldbi.tar

  6. Once the loading is complete, you can now run docker images to verify that it has been loaded.

    docker images

    Now the image is loaded on the offline machine.

  7. Run the command to run Bold BI on your machine.

    docker run --name boldbi -p 80:80 -d syncfusion/boldbi

    After running the command, you can access the Bold BI App by entering http://localhost in a browser.

Application Startup

Configure the Bold BI On-Premise application start-up to use the application. Please refer to the following link for more details on configuring the application start-up:

Application Startup