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How to enable SSL through connection parameters for PostgreSQL data source

Bold BI application allows you to enable SSL through connection parameters in the PostgreSQL data source by following these steps.

Steps to connect PostgreSQL with SSL

  1. Refer to the Connecting Bold BI to PostgreSQL data source for successfully connecting to it.

  2. For connecting the PostgreSQL with SSL connection, you need to add the connection string sslmode=Require;TrustServerCertificate=true in the Additional connection parameters textbox along with the existing server details and click Connect.

    Additional COnnection Parameters

In this way, you can enable SSL in the connection by passing parameters in the connection string.

  1. Drag and drop the table from the table schema in the data design view page.

    Table schema

  2. Click Save to save the data source with a relevant name to proceed with designing a dashboard.

    Save option