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How to install Bold BI on a Windows Server machine without using the installer?


  1. Software and Hardware requirements

  2. Features needed to be enabled in IIS

  3. [.Net Windows Hosting Bundle](


Follow the below steps to deploy Bold BI on a Windows server machine without using the installer.

  1. Download the Bold BI deployment file here or you can also get deployment files from another machine where you are allowed to install.exe from <Installed Drive\BoldServices> location.

    NOTE: By default, the Bold BI is deployed in “C:\BoldServices” location for Windows.

  2. Extract the downloaded zip file and move the files to the deployment drive, then follow these steps to install the Bold BI.

    1. Right-click the Application Pools and select Add Application Pool.

      Add Application Pool

    2. Name the application pool and click OK.

      Add Application Pool

    3. Right-click the newly created application pool and select Advanced Settings option.

      Application Pool Advanced Settings

    4. Change the application pool type to localSystem as shown in the following image.

      Applicaion Pool Local System

      Repeat the same procedure for creating application pools for the following Bold BI applications.

      • BoldIDWeb
      • BoldBIApi
      • BoldBIWeb
      • BoldBIDesigner
      • BoldBIJob
      • BoldIDApi
      • BoldUMS
      • BoldWinAuth

      Here, I’m showing all the created application pools.


    5. Right-click the site then click Add Website and fill in the following details.

      • Alias name : Enter the name that you want to use as an alias for the domain.

      • Application pool : Application Pools are logical groupings of web applications that will execute in a common process.

      • Physical path : In the Physical path box, click Browse to navigate the file system to find the IDP - Web from Bold BI extracted location.


      After clicking OK you can see the site and site dependencies as shown below.


    6. Add services as an application under the created site. Right-click on the site name and select Add Application then enter the details shown in the following.


      Repeat the same procedure for the applications of Bold BI given in the following table,

      Application Pool Under Application Alias Name of the application Physical Path
      BoldIDApi BoldBIEnterpriseEdition api {Extracted Location}\idp\api
      BoldBIWeb BoldBIEnterpriseEdition bi {Extracted Location}\bi\web
      BoldBIApi bi api {Extracted Location}\bi\api
      BoldBIDesigner bi designer {Extracted Location}\bi\dataservice
      BoldBIJob bi jobs {Extracted Location}\bi\jobs
      BoldUMS BoldBIEnterpriseEdition ums {Extracted Location}\idp\ums
      BoldWinAuth BoldBIEnterpriseEdition windowsauthentication {Extracted Location}\idp\windowsauthentication
    7. Ensure that the BI application has sub-applications, as shown in the following image.


    8. Finally, the application structure is created successfully as shown in the following image.


    9. Restart the site and access it with the mentioned port number in any browser.

      Example: http://localhost: mentioned-port-number