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How to manually update the license in Bold BI?

Please follow these steps to update the license manually in Bold BI Embedded.

  1. Open your Bold BI application UMS URL and log in with the UMS site Administrator account. Sample URL: {your_domain}/ums/sites

  2. You will be redirected to the UMS Sites listing page.

    Site Listing

  3. Now, navigate to the Settings page and click on Manage License settings.

    Manage License Settings

  4. On the Manage License Settings page, navigate to the Embedded BI tab and click on the Refresh License button to update the license.

    License Update Settings

  5. The following popup will appear below. The license can be refreshed in either online or offline mode. Refresh License Popup

  6. Refer to the below KB articles for updating license in both online and offline mode.

If you are facing any difficulty, please contact Bold BI support by creating a ticket.