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How to pass dashboard parameter from client-end in Embedded BI

How to pass the filter parameters in Embedded BI

You can pass the javascript based dashboard parameters from the client-side itself.

If you want to pass the dashboard parameters when loading the dashboard, you can use the filterParameters.

Here, your Dashboard parameter is named as “City”, you have to pass the value as shown below inside the renderDashboard function,

parameter code

Please find the filterParameters output dashboard as follows.

parameter dashboard1

This could be changed depending on the mode (Literal/List) you configured in the dashboard parameter.

How to update the filter parameters in Embedded BI

You can also use the following method to apply or update filter parameter, after the dashboard has been rendered.

Make sure you provide the correct casing for the dashboard parameter, as it is case-sensitive.


var instance = BoldBI.getInstance("dashboard"); //dashboard -> embed container id

Please find the following update filter parameters output dashboard.

parameter dashboard3