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Register Bold BI mobile application with Azure Active Directory

  1. Go to the Azure Active Directory. In the directory, you should add two applications in which one acts as a Web API for authenticate the Bold BI Server, and an other application that acts as a native client application for authenticate Bold BI mobile app.

  2. Enter into the respective directory. Click App registrations in the left side menu and then click New registration to add a new application.

    Create new application

  3. Enter the name of the application and choose the following options,

    • Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) as Supported account types.
    • Public client/native(mobile & desktop) under the Redirect URI(optional) section and enter the Redirect URI. And then click Register.

    Application type

    The application will be added to the directory and you can view the details of the application in the App registrations.

  4. Select Branding in the left side menu and enter the Home page URL and click Save.

    Save homepage

  5. Select Authentication in the left side menu and save the Implicit grant and Supported account types as highlighted in the following screenshot.


  6. Select Expose an API in the left side menu and save Application ID URI.

    Application ID URI

  7. The Application ID URI must be in the format http://{directory domain name}/{application id}


    NOTE: The Redirect URI and Home page URL should be the URL of the Bold BI application.

NOTE: The Azure user and groups can be imported into the Bold BI application. Refer to this following link to Import Azure Active Directory Users and Import Azure Active Directory Groups.