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How to show Current Date and Time in Widget Title

You can show the current date and time in widget’s title using Expression and Label Parameter supported by Bold BI application.

Follow these steps to achieve this requirement:

  1. Create and save an expression column with TODAY() function.

    Create Expression with Today function

  2. In widget title, use expression column as a label parameter.

    Use Today expression in widget title

  3. Preview the dashboard to help you view the current date and time on widget title.

    Today date in view mode

    By default, the current Date and Time will be shown while using the created expression column. You can also show a required date formatting as well as the following.

    Label Parameter with Date Formatting

    Date Formatting review

The following is the list of supported date formatting types.

Date Foramtting Type Syntax
Date Time {{:DateTime(Column_Name)}}
Date {{:Date(Column_Name)}}
Year {{:Year(Column_Name)}}
Quarter Year {{:QuarterYear(Column_Name)}}
Month Year {{:MonthYear(Column_Name)}}
Week Year {{:WeekYear(Column_Name)}}
Day Month Year {{:DayMonthYear(Column_Name)}}
Month Day Year {{:MonthDayYear(Column_Name)}}