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How to show Timestamp data in widget’s title

You can display Timestamp information in the widget’s title by utilizing the corresponding timestamp column in the Label Parameter. The timestamp column must be included in the data source.

The following is the list of supported date formatting. If you do not apply any formatting, the actual value of the timestamp column will be rendered in the widget’s title.

Date Foramtting Type Syntax
Date Time {{:DateTime(Column_Name)}}
Date {{:Date(Column_Name)}}
Year {{:Year(Column_Name)}}
Quarter Year {{:QuarterYear(Column_Name)}}
Month Year {{:MonthYear(Column_Name)}}
Week Year {{:WeekYear(Column_Name)}}
Day Month Year {{:DayMonthYear(Column_Name)}}
Month Day Year {{:MonthDayYear(Column_Name)}}

Follow these steps in order to meet this requirement:

  1. Configure any widget with the necessary fields. In this example, we have configured the KPI Card with the required fields in the Assign Data tab.

    Configure KPI Card widget

  2. Navigate to the Properties tab and in the widget title, add a label parameter with the timestamp column name.

    Syntax: {{:ColumnName}}

    Timestamp Column in Datasource

    Add Timestamp in Label Parameter

  3. In the preview, you can view the data of a widget with the corresponding timestamp, similar to the screenshot below.

    KPI Card with Timestamp