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How to use Pivot Tables in Bold BI Using PostgreSQL

In the Bold BI application, use the required tables to create a Pivot table in the PostgreSQL data source using the Crosstab function. In this example, the following list of tables are used.

  1. Products

    Products Table

  2. Customers

    Customers Table

  3. Product_customers

    Product and Cutomers Table

  4. V_product_customers

    Product and Cutomers View

Follow these steps to create and use Pivot tables in Bold BI.

  1. Enable the Crosstab function using the following command in the PostgreSQL data source.


    Create Extension

  2. Connect to PostgreSQL data connection in Bold BI.

  3. Switch to the code view mode of a data source.

    Pivot table in Bold BI

  4. Write a query using the Crosstab function in the query designer page to use the required tables of a data source and click the following highlighted Run button to execute the query.

    Prepare Query

SELECT * FROM crosstab( 
$$SELECT customers_name, product_name, SUM(cost) AS cost
  FROM v_product_customers
   GROUP BY customers_name, product_name
   ORDER BY customers_name$$,
$$SELECT 'Tweetholdar' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Transniollor' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Cleanputon' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Tabwoofphone' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Supceivra' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Supputommar' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Mictellar' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Armlififiator' UNION ALL
  SELECT 'Monoculimry'$$
AS ct(customers_name VARCHAR, Tweetholdar NUMERIC,Promuton NUMERIC,Transniollor NUMERIC,Cleanputon NUMERIC,Tabwoofphone NUMERIC,Supceivra NUMERIC,Supputommar NUMERIC,Mictellar NUMERIC,Armlififiator NUMERIC,Monoculimry NUMERIC);
  1. Now, click Update to view the query result of the pivot table.

    Cross tab query result