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How to view first 7 days data of each month in dashboard

You can achieve the requirement of viewing the first 7 days of each month on the dashboard by using this expression field.

Please follow the provided steps to meet this requirement.

  1. After creating the necessary data source, you must create an expression column that corresponds with the date column.

    Syntax: IF(DAY([DateColumn) >= 1 AND DAY([DateColumn]) <= 7 , [DateColumn], null)

    First Seven Days Expression

  2. Now you can bind this expression column to the required widget, and it will return the actual value for the first 7 days of a month and a Null value for all other days of the month.

    Configure Widget with Created Expression

  3. You can bind the same expression column in the Filters section of a widget to exclude the Null value.

    Bind Expression in Filer Section

  4. Open the Filter(s) pop-up window through the provided option and uncheck the Null value from the list as shown in the screenshot.

    Open Filter Window

    Filter Null Value

    Now, the widget will display the available data for the first seven days of each month, as shown in the screenshot.

    Widget Render with First Seven Days