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Troubleshooting gateways - Bold BI

This documentation discusses common issues when you use Bold BI. If you encounter an issue that isn’t listed here, you can create a support ticket

Error image network related instance

The following are a few possible cases of this issue.

  1. Please verify that the port number provided is a valid and that the instance has any fire wall rules enabled.
  2. If the SQL server has any SSL enabled or verified the database name, the user credential has the proper permission to access that database.

Error: Unable to convert MySQL datetime to System.DateTime

Error image unable to convert date time to system.datetime

This issue arises if an additional connection parameter is not specified while connecting the data source.

Solution image unable to convert date time

Error: No active warehouse selected in the current session - Snowflake

Error image no active warehouse selected

This issue occurs when the active warehouse is not set in the snowflake instance.

To resolve this issue, please add Warehouse=WarehouseName in the Additional connection parameters.
Solution image no active warehouse selected

Error: dll not found

This error occurs if the required client dll is not installed in Bold BI. Please download the client libraries based on your environment using the following help links.

Error: Login failed for user - SQL Server Windows authentication

This issue occurs when the NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM is not added in the IIS/IIS EXPRESS to access the SQL Server Windows Authentication mode.


Please follow the instructions here to resolve this issue.

Error: Couldn’t connect to server

Error image Couldn't connect to server

The following factors led to this type of error:

  1. If any the IP addresses specified at Bold BI Cloud IP addresses weren’t whitelisted.
  2. If pooling was not defined when a data source was created in Bold BI.

This problem can be fixed by including the pooling value in additional connection parameter when creating the data source. Additional connection parameters: Pooling=True; Connection Reset=false and whitelisting the IP addresses mentioned in Bold BI Cloud IP addresses
Please refer to the following image

Solution image Couldn't connect to server

Error: Command Time-out issue

Error image Command timeout

The above-specified error arises when the query times out before the operation is completed.

This issue is resolved by increasing the command timeout value while creating the data source.

Using Bold BI:
Please follow these steps to increase the command timeout value in Bold BI.

  1. Give the server information on the page for data source connectivity.
  2. Increase the command timeout value. Solution image Command timeout

Using Nginx:
Please find the steps to increase the timeout value in the following Nginx.

  1. Edit the boldbi-nginx-config file in the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled directory.
  2. Edit all timeout values and save them.

Solution image Command timeout 3. Finally, restart nginx by running the following command.
sudo systemctl restart nginx
Refer to the document provided to change nginx manually-configure-nginx

Error: No space left on device

Error image writing file

The above-specified error occurs when there is insufficient space to store temporary files requested by the MySQL server.

Check whether \temp is in its own partition by using df -h command.
If it is in its own partition and short of space, you can either:

  • Modify /tmp so that its partition has more space (either by reallocating or moving it to the main partition – example - Link).
  • By altering the MySQL configuration file, a different temporary folder on a different partition is used by the database. For example /var/temp

Error: Converting varchar to datetime datatype

This error occurs when the SQL server’s date format or culture is mismatched.


  1. Please verify that the date format settings for the server and system are the same.
  2. If the date format in sqlserver is dmy, then change it to mdy and vice versa.

Use the following commands to verify and change the settings.
DBCC useroptions
Solution image varchar to date type 1 SET DATEFORMAT mdy
Solution image varchar to date type 2

Error: Unable to connect MySQL in SSL mode

Error image unable to connect MySQL in SSL mode

This error occurs when Bold BI connects to a MySQL server over SSL without adding the SSL specification.


  1. Check if the IP addresses mentioned in the provided link Bold BI Cloud IP addresses are whitelisted.
  2. Verify whether the person who logs in can access the MySQL server.
  3. This issue can be resolved by including SslMode=Required in an additional connection parameter.

Solution image unable to connect MySQL in SSL mode

Error: Invalid parameter in expression for SSAS

Error image invalid parameter in expression

A measure must be used for expressions like SUM, COUNT, and more. The issue in the following image may arise if a dimension was included in these expressions.

Avoid using dimension columns in numerical expressions.