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List Dashboards

After successfully logging in, you can see the dashboards listed in different tabs such as favorite, recent, category, public, and all dashboards.

Dashboard List


Searching, Filtering and Sorting - You can search and sort the dashboards based on owner name, modified date, and category to quickly view the dashboard.

View Dashboards

You can view and interact with the dashboards using the Bold BI Dashboard Mobile app.

dashboard list

Export Dashboards - Dashboards can be exported to image, PDF, Excel, and CSV file formats.

Update Dashboard - Dashboard data can be easily updated with real time data.

Filter Dashboard - Dashboard data can be filtered and viewed easily.

Expand and view the widget - You can expand the widgets and also export the dashboard widgets individually.

Get link - The get link feature helps you obtain the dashboard link with the current view data and filters.

Dashboard Views

If the user has permission to access the dashboard, they can create Dashboard Views in that dashboard from the mobile app.

Add Dashboard Views

Filters applied in the dashboards are summarized in the Filter Overview section under Applied Filters.

filter overview

To save the filters, click on the Save icon. A popup will open for you to type the name for the Dashboard View and submit it.

save icon

save view

Users can check their saved views in the Views tab.

view list

Update Dashboard Views

After saving a Dashboard View, you can change the filters in the dashboard and update the changes in the same Dashboard View, or you can save it as a new Dashboard View.

update view

View Dashboard View Info

Users can view the filter information of the saved views.

view context

view info

Apply Views

You can apply the views to the current dashboard by selecting the view in the Dashboard Views list.

apply filter from list

or you can apply it by tabbing Open in the filter information.

apply filter from info

Delete Dashboard Views

Select the Delete option from the context menu to remove the Dashboard View from the dashboard.

delete view