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Manage sites

This section briefly explains how to manage the sites and information about the site.

Suspend Site

You can suspend the site by clicking the Suspend option in Action Menu.

Suspend Site

Warning : If the site is suspended, users cannot access the site.

Activate Site

You can activate the suspended site by clicking the Activate option.

Activate Site

Edit Site

We can able to update the following information for the site using the Edit Site option.

  • Site Name
  • Site Domain
  • Site Identifier
  • Database User Credential

You can edit the site by clicking the Edit option in the menu.

Edit Site Button

After clicking the Edit option, Edit Site dialog will open. Enter the site name, site domain, and site identifier in the below step and click Next button to update the database user credential.

Edit Site

After entering your database credential, click Update button to update the site details.

Edit Database

Delete Site

You can delete the site and it’s database by clicking the Delete option.

Delete Site

NOTE: Database will not be deleted if there are any other tables present other than the Bold BI tables.

Site Information

By clicking the site name, you can see the site information.

Site Name


This section displays the basic information about the site.

  • Site Name
  • Site Url
  • Client id
  • Client secret

General Info

Site Users

This section shows the users list which have access to the site.

Site Users

Grant Access

You can grant access to the users by clicking Grant Access button for this site.

Grant Access Option

After clicking the button, select the users from the list and grant access to the site.

Grant Access

Revoke Access

You can remove access for single user by clicking this link Revoke Access.

Revoke Single User

You can remove access for multiple users by clicking the Revoke Access button.

Revoke Multiple Users

Add User

To grant access to new user, click the Add User button.

Add User Button

You can add the user by referring Add User

The user will be added and have access to the site.

Isolation Code

You can learn about how to configure Isolation code here

Custom Attribute

You can learn about how to configure Custom Attribute here