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How to create a custom theme using variables for dashboards

By using the given variables, we can customize the BoldBI dashboards to meet your requirements. Follow the steps below to create a custom theme file:

  1. Download the default light and dark files from the Github repository and extract them.

  2. Copy all CSS files from the light folder inside the themes folder and paste them into the newly created folder. For example, create a new folder named darkviolet.


  1. Open the boldbi.application.definition.css and boldbi.core.definition.css files in the editor, and then you will be able to customize the color code in the provided variables. For example, customize the variables as follows.

darkvioletapplication darkvioletcore

  1. Follow the steps provided in the on the Github repository to generate boldbi.theme.definition.min.css.


  1. After running the command from the file, you can find the theme files in the directory {src directory}/assets/themes/{theme directory name}/boldbi.theme.definition.min.css.